Service and Respect for People with Disabilities

HART United provides support services to over 150 individuals throughout Connecticut.

HART United Services and Programs

We pride ourselves in creating unique programs and services to over 150 individuals in a variety of settings throughout Connecticut.



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More than a house.

A home.


Community Companion Homes provide family-oriented living environments for individuals with developmental disabilities. 

This is what we stand for at HART!


Community Living Arrangements

Independent Home Services

Community Residential Services

Community Companion Homes


Approximately 150 individuals served throughout Connecticut.


Approximately 200 employment opportunities within our organization.


67 Individuals supported by 48 CCH licensees in 24 towns throughout Connecticut.

He is safe, well-cared-for, treated lovingly, and always kept busy!


“Our son has been in a Hart home for almost four years now, and we feel so lucky to have him there! The house manager keeps everything running smoothly through snowstorms, illnesses, and any other unpredictable thing that comes up. In an industry with high turnover, much of the staff has been there since the first day he arrived. Other families I know have had problems ranging from just inconvenient to terrible, and we feel grateful every day that none of this happens in our son’s home. He is safe, well-cared-for, treated lovingly, and always kept busy!”


Everyone finds love, happiness, and joy…


“Hart United Inc. has grown to be a model family home where everyone finds love, happiness, and joy to support living a better, stronger and healthier life. As a staff member at HART United, I have seen a results-driven approach by the management and team members where happiness grows because it’s shared.”

Direct Care Counselor

Respect for individuals with disabilities.


“Being at HART United has given me the opportunity to form good relationships, friendships and companionship with the staff and individuals. HART United has brought out the best in my leadership and behavioral skills. My experiences with our individuals has taught me what it means to love, care, and to share with others. It has given me a better sense of duty and responsibility and lastly, respect for individuals with disabilities.”

Assistant CLA Residential Coordinator

Invested in our clients.

Invested in our community.


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More than a job.

A meaningful connection.


People don’t work at HART for just a paycheck. They come here to make a difference in someone’s life.


Service and respect for people with disabilities.


HART United will continue to maintain a commitment to persons with developmental disabilities, affecting legislative changes that will empower individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to have more choices and opportunities in the community.